Wildcat Nation Board of Directors

2018 Waldorf Wildcats Board of Directors


President - Keith McCree:  President@waldorfwildcats.com

Sports Athletic Executive: Greg Walker:  athleticdirector@waldorfwildcat.com


Football Director - Gary Kennedy:  Football@waldorfwildcats.com

Cheer Director - Latonya Mosley:  Cheer@waldorfwildcats.com


Track Director – Vacant: 


Basketball Director - Vacant: 


Administrative Executive - Shereece Robinson:  admin@waldorfwildcats.com


Registration Director - Charity Roane:  registration@waldorfwildcats.com


Volunteer Director - Shenita Lane:  volunteer@waldorfwildcats.com


Financial Executive - Donnell Williams: 


Equipment Director - Jerome Washington:  equipment@waldorfwildcats.com


Accountant - Chante Moore: 


Technology Executive - Brian Campbell: 


Social Media Admin - Nikki Knowles:  socialmedia@waldorfwildcats.com



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