President's Message

2017 Presidents Message

Wildcat Nation!!!!

Welcome to 2017. What a year this will be. I am thankful that we had a blessed 2016 and all programs completed successfully with no issues to report. This year will bring a strong commitment level from our parents, athletes, sponsors, vendors, and board members. We are in the midst of change and expansion. This will lead to several new positons on the board as well as new programs that Waldorf Youth Sports (WYS) will be introducing. Before I get to that let me recap 2016.

2016 RECAP

Last year was filled with a number of events and changes that expanded the horizon of our organization. We conducted our first year of a full spring and fall baseball season with a recreation team and travel team. They brought home our first ever championship trophy in baseball. Would like to thank our Baseball Director Will Drakeford and his staff for a well put together program.

We also had a successful Football and Cheer season. With all the camps, games, post season play, and tournaments we were blessed to show all of our opponents what Southern Maryland had to offer. With teams traveling from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, our athletes had an opportunity to experience something different and exciting. Our Cheer program has also taken things to a new level with having teams placed in 1st place and being offered opportunities to travel as far as Orlando Florida to compete. This is a testament to the leadership of Mr. Gary Kennedy Football Director and Cheer Director Ms. Latonya Mosely and their staffs.


As we move into 2017 the WYS Board has established a new structure and new positions on the board that will assist with strategic planning, marketing and branding, and providing new programs for our athletes. The programs that have been added are Basketball, Track & Field, and the Lady Cats competitive cheer. These activities will be discussed in more detail at our annual banquet.


Our goal and objective at WYS is to support our community with activities that help our athletes become future leaders of tomorrow. That’s is why we are taking advantage of the opportunity to expand and grow our organization. Our board can’t do this alone and we will need your support and commitment as move into this direction. An email has already been deliver to your mailbox concerning the upcoming Annual Board meeting which we will elect board members to take us to the next level.

Commitment to You

My commitment to you is very simple and that is to always be about our kids. To grow them and ensure they have the programs they need to excel in this world. I am not a person that gets excited over titles. I rather be a steward to ensure the success of all people in our organization. As we plan and continue to move forward let’s take into consideration what it takes to be an great organization. I believe that is dedication, commitment, character, and integrity. Thanks for your support in 2016 and I look forward to an exciting 2017.


Rick Cowans


Waldorf  Youth Sports "Wildcats"