President's Message

President's Message

Wildcat Nation, Family, and Visitors,

Welcome; Waldorf Wildcats 2019 


I greet you with great honor as the appointed President of Wildcats Nation, after being under a brief tutelage of our former President, Mr. Rick Cowans. As Rich and Vanessa take their family on another one of life’s journeys, I want to share my appreciation for his leadership, guidance and confidence that I will be able to continue the mission set forth for WYS, its volunteers, parents, athletes and the community.  I am privileged to follow in the footsteps of all the former WYS Presidents and I will devote my time and energy to uphold the prominence that this phenomenal organization has displayed for more than 40 years.  I thank each of you in advance for your support as we work together to continue to elevate the Waldorf Wildcats.

 Since my appointment I began contemplating the second half of 2018 and ways to continue to support our youth, their families and give back to the community, and I realized that the WYS Board of Directors cannot be completely successful without your assistance!  Therefore my quest for 2018 is to get our Wildcats parents and community more deeply involved to assure that we accomplish any mission.  In order for the mission to be attainable we need volunteers to support all organized events, help fundraise via merchandise and concession sells, sponsorships and donations.  We also welcome your thoughts, opinions and ideas. In order for our athletes to soar and become future leaders, it’s going to require ALL HANDS ON DECK.  We can’t hear silent thoughts and we can’t use claps hands…your willingness to be a part of the team will be valuable asset throughout the entire organization.


The wildcats are already five sports strong with Tackle football, Cheerleading, Track and field, flag Football and Basketball.  Ideally I would like for us to move further adding Volleyball, Soccer and Lacrosse.  We already have great kids who are amazing athletes amongst us, so with your support Waldorf Youth Sports can have no boundaries, the sky is the limit…LET’S FLY!!! 


Keith McCree

President, Waldorf Youth Sports "Wildcats"